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The Process

At UPF, we don’t just pay lip service to customer service. Our goal of 100% customer satisfaction is a promise made by every UPF employee, from top to bottom. The UPF Truck Bodies division is no different. Unlike some companies who strive to limit customer interaction, UPF Truck Bodies encourages customers to reach out to us at any time. After all, our customers are our most important partners, and it is our goal to keep our partnerships growing ever stronger in the future.

UPF Process

Sales Order
Comes In

Sent to Order Entry

Sent to be Scheduled

Sent to Engineering

Sent to Customer
for Approval

Sent to back to Sales for adjustments

Sent to Production

Product delivered
to Customer

There are three distinct areas in which the UPF Difference is most apparent: Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing. As three of our business’s main pillars, UPF wants customers to know that they can always count on getting the best from UPF.


UPF Sales Process

Making you feel like a welcome part of our family of customers is priority number one for our highly trained Sales Representatives. Our UPF Truck Bodies representatives understand that the 100% customer satisfaction goal begins with them, and they want to help start you off on the right foot. Customers both new and familiar will be received with courtesy and respect, as our sales team listens to your needs to determine what UPF can do to help further your company’s goals. UPF Truck Bodies Sales Representatives are friendly and knowledgeable, with a clear understanding of the needs of the trucking industry.

Our sales team isn’t just here to make the sale: they’re here to start building a relationship that we hope will last for years. UPF Truck Bodies believes that our customer-first philosophy is the only responsible way to do business.


Why would you work with a company that offers anything less than the best? The engineers in our UPF Truck Bodies division work with cutting edge design technology, the AutoTank Version 7x. Our engineers are able to build complex 3D models based on specifications predetermined by our clients. This allows UPF to produce more accurate visualizations, ensuring that our customers know what they’re getting. Our assembly standards have been perfect throughout over a decade of development, and, combined with the accurate models built by our new technology, save you both time and money when purchasing the finest trucking products UPF has to offer.

UPF Engineering Process

Our dedication to providing customers with the best doesn’t stop with tank technology. Our engineers utilize the best in Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) technology with our new, state-of-the-art UPFront™ software. Using UPFront™, our engineers can utilize the power of Rules Based Engineering to input specifications provided by our customers to created 3D solid models. They can then create shareable CAD models and drawings to help you determine whether UPF can provide you with the solutions you need.

Over the years, UPF has cultivated relationships with leading universities to improve our technologies. By investing in research and development, UPF remains on the cutting edge of plastic technology and ensures that customers are getting the most efficient and cost-effective trucking solutions possible. These relationships have also allowed UPF to maintain an impressive network of contacts throughout the industry. In addition, UPF retains a firm of New York-based engineering consultants to ensure that our stress analysis and computer modeling systems are accurate and effective.


As with our engineers, UPF Truck Bodies is dedicated to making sure that our three manufacturing plants are outfitted with the most advanced and effective tools on the market. We pride ourselves on delivering flawless trucking products when you need them, and our superior materials and manufacturing technologies are what make that possible. Not only are we constantly working to improve our process on a corporate level, but we encourage and empower UPF employees to personally suggest and make changes to minimize and eliminate waste. We understand that increasing efficiency on our end means lower costs and faster turnaround time on yours.

UPF Production Process