PolySide® Tanker Fire Water Tank

We custom design and manufacture every PolySide® plastic fire water tank to maximize the water you carry to a fire. In addition, the design of the UPF PolySide® incorporates configurations to allow for more equipment on the scene. The sidewalls, of the wetside poly water tank, are its outer walls of the tanker fire truck. Thus, allowing every cubic inch to be dedicated to carrying water. In addition, the tank bolts directly to your subframe. Equipment (e.g. Portable tanks, ladders, suction hoses, etc.) can be integrated into the tank design or mounted directly to the tank sides.

Moreover, another important feature is that UPF’s PolySide fire water tank is fully baffled and complies with NFPA guidelines, an assurance of excellent road handling performance.

The PolySide® fire water tank is lighter and allows you to carry more water than a typical steel tanker fire truck. You can carry up to 2,000 gallons of water on an economical single axle chassis. In addition, you gain the advantage of a non-corrosive tank for your tanker fire truck that will never rust and is covered by the Poly-Tank® warranty.

(1) Fill tower with removable screen
(1) Sump with anti-swirl plate and clean-out 
Vent/overflow pipe (6”) 
Tank fill connection up to 3” female NPT 
Tank suction connection up to 4” NPT or pipe stub 
Flush Tank Covers 

Internal 6-hole tank mounting blocks and tank mounting kits:
Tank Size Mounting Blocks/Kits
2000 gallons and less – 2 each 
2000 – 2999 gallon – 3 each 
3000 – 4000 gallon – 4 each 

Poly Fire Water Tank Options

  • Foam Cell(s) 
  • Level Gauge /Meter drill and tap up to ¾” female NPT 
  • Level gauge hole with 4 mounting holes. (vertical tube type sensor) 
  • Sight Gauge 
  • Sight Tube 
  • Tank Fill, Extended Internally to next compartment. (No diffuser) 
  • Up to 3” (with basket-type diffuser) Tank Fill, Additional 
  • Female NPT connection (with perforated pipe diffuser) Tank Fill, Additional 4.” 
  • 4″, 5″ or 6” Bolted flange (with perforated pipe diffuser) Tank Fill, Additional 
  • Tank Drain, Additional (female NPT) 
  • Tank Suction, Additional 
  • Sump, Additional 
  • Sump greater than 144 sq inches 
  • Additional 6″ Vent/Overflow 
  • 8″ Vent/Overflow 
  • 10″ Vent/Overflow 
  • Sleeve up to 6″ per foot 
  • 8″ per foot – Sleeve 
  • 10″ per foot – Sleeve 
  • Up to 6″ per foot – Angled Sleeve 
  • 8″ per foot – Angled Sleeve 
  • 10″ per foot – Angled Sleeve 
  • Sleeve Through Foam Cell 
  • Tank Mounting Block 3 Hole 
  • Notch 10 cubic feet or less 
  • Notch over 10 cubic ft. 
  • Hi-Lo Notch, per cubic ft. 
  • Mounting Block, Miscellaneous 
  • Thru Tank by ft^3 Tunnel 
  • Insert- Basic Tunnel 
  • Complex Tunnel Insert (consult UPF for details) 
  • Vent Valve- 2″ Gits 
  • Foam Suction w/ Dip tube 
  • Dump Block 10″ (Newton) 
  • Dump Block ANSI 150 lb. Bolt Pattern 8”,10″ or 12” 
  • Dump Block EJ Metals Thru-Hole Bolt Pattern 8”,10″ or 12” 
  • Betts Bolt Pattern Block for fill or suction 
  • Dump Block Extension 
  • Sump for Dump (Each dump outlet) 
  • Dump Distribution Box 
  • Fill, Fireman’s Friend bolt pattern (No diffuser) 6 or 8 hole 
  • Jet Line 
  • Basic Conduit per ft. 
  • Complex Conduit per ft. 
  • Anti-Surge Tower 
  • Material Thickness upgrade 3/4 to 1” per sq. ft. 
  • Tank Suction pipe extended internally (IATS) beyond 36.” 
  • Tank Fill extended internally beyond 36.” 
  • Textured Material (NC) Not recommended if the tank is being painted. 
  • Radius Edges – up to 10” high, Hose bed wall (Separate panel welded to tank top) 
  • Radius Edges – up to 10″ Hose bed wall (Extended Tank Sidewall) 
  • ¾” Pipe welded to edge of panel up to 12″ Hose bed wall (Separate panel welded to tank) 
  • ¾” Pipe welded to the edge of panel up to 12″ Hose bed wall (Extended Tank Sidewall) 
  • Inverted “J” up to 15″ 
  • Double Wall up to 20″ 
  • Hose bed, grooved cover per ft^2 
  • Divider, hose bed – up to 10.” 
  • Divider, Hose bed, with ¾” pipe welded to the edge – up to 12.” 
  • Light Cutouts in hose bed wall 
  • LightBox – Plastic (welded to tank / per box) 
  • Reel Blocks (2) (Up to 57.5″) 
  • Camera Box 
  • Material upgrade 3/4 to 1” per sq. ft. 
  • PolyBody® Compartments

Poly Fire Water Tank Specifications

  • Coming Soon 

UPF Poly Fire Water Tanks for Pumper Fire Truck Warranty

For normal fire department applications, the tank shall have a limited lifetime warranty that provides warranty service for the life of the fire apparatus where the tank is. Also, warranties are transferable if the apparatus ownership changes by requesting the transfer from UPF. In applications where the tank will be subject to severe conditions, the tank may have a warranty unique to the application that is clearly defined for each such application. Also, you can get a copy of the UPF warranty by e-mailing us at [email protected] or visit the product support page for more information.

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