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Poly Water Tanks

Innovation is our Motivation

We’ve been consistently raising the bar in terms of quality since the launch of the first poly water tank, the POLY-TANK®.

Cost-effectiveness, cutting-edge technology, and products are all our important priorities. As a result, not only in the superior materials we work with but also in the breakthrough innovations, we show our commitment. In addition, we regularly satisfy our customers’ requirements.

As a result, the UPF difference extends beyond our facilities, equipment, and technology. The true difference, above all, is in our people. The knowledge, skills, and intangibles that our experienced team brings to the table are the true backbone of the company. We believe in putting every person on our team in the best possible place to succeed.

Finally, UPF has the best poly water tanks’ baffle system in the industry. Moreover, UPF has a three-step quality control test program.

The baffled poly water tanks regulate water flow inside the tank. Thus, reducing sloshing and vehicle tipping risk. Baffling also aids in faster braking and stopping. Additionally, baffling will also help you save money on vehicle maintenance by reducing wear and tear on your truck’s chassis, suspension, and shocks.

The Difference

Innovative Products

UPF developed the first poly water tanks, foam tanks, skid units, wetside tanks, foam trailers, EMS and defibrillator boxes, ARFF tanks, to mention some. Also, UPF pioneered the most advanced polypropylene elliptical tank design.


Most noteworthy, UPF is the only polypropylene manufacturer that maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification in its manufacturing facilities.
UPF ISO 9001 Certification


UPF employs a staff of full-time tank designers using proprietary design software developed by UPF. UPF believes in “Knowledge-Based Engineering” (KBE for short). Thus, allowing us to stay at the forefront of the industrial plastic industry. Also, our engineers work with cutting-edge KBE software called UpFront™ to generate their 3D models.


After your UPF tank has been in use, it can be modified at any time to add sleeves, fittings, and other features. Learn more about our aftermarket modification product support.

Poly Water Tanks Strength

UPF’s resin is 90% stronger at 0° F and 30% stronger at room temperature than competitive polypropylenes.

Post-Warranty Product Support

If a problem arises after your warranty terms have expired, you can call our Field Service Department to schedule a service call. Moreover, if you'd like more information or would like to schedule your post-warranty product support, please contact [email protected].

Financial Strength

In conclusion, UPF has enjoyed decades of sustained growth. But also, UPF has made a long-term investment in maintaining its leading role in the fire service industry with our poly tanks and other fire apparatus solutions. As a result, we recently opened up Custom Plastic Fabrications, our industrial division for custom plastic fabrication of non-fire products.

Proven Performance

Over 100,000 UPF POLY-TANKs® are in service worldwide. UPF manufactures the standard poly tanks used in 4 out of 5 new fire trucks. The Poly-Tank IIE is the #1 choice of the fire service for replacement tanks as well.


We ship from one of our three manufacturing facilities. The majority of deliveries are made on dedicated flatbed trucks due to the number of poly tanks shipped weekly.

Poly Tanks Design and Flexibility

We design every Poly-Tank III according to the customer’s specifications and the most recent NFPA standards. Since we are truly custom, we offer great flexibility in tank design. Also, maintaining precise dimensional accuracy and meeting exact specifications for all options and features are our key priorities.


UPF employs skilled fabricators at two manufacturing facilities in Florida, and Wisconsin. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are outfitted with the best equipment available.

Poly Tanks Warranty/Service

UPF's Transferable Lifetime Warranty has made UPF a brand you can trust because service reps are deployed from four locations across the United States.

Green and Lean Initiatives

UPF is a lean principles leader and an environmentally conscious business. Our goal is to have the least negative effects on society and the world as possible. Our sustainability efforts have reduced our carbon footprint. Thus, allowing us, our customers, and partners to do business in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Product Registration

Get the right poly water tank today to save a life tomorrow


Polypropylene offers a great number of advantages, many of which allow it to be used for a wide variety of different products and services.

UPF Joe Lingel

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