Fire Apparatus Storage Solutions

UPF Fire Apparatus Storage Solutions

As well as our outstanding line of tanks for the fire service, UPF designs and manufactures fire apparatus storage solutions ideal for fire truck tools. Further, if you are in the market for a fire truck tool box for your ems supplies, fire truck tools, or an SCBA bottle storage rack, UPF will provide you with the fire apparatus storage solutions you need.  

In addition, with UPF fire apparatus storage solutions, there is a place for every piece of equipment and all of your fire truck tools on your fire truck. Most importantly, UPF prides itself on designing smart and strategic compartmentation to facilitate accessibility and maximize space within the truck. In addition, our fire apparatus storage solutions provide a usable workspace to improve efficiency in the operations and enhance safety. 

UPF Fire Apparatus Storage Solutions Features

Also, our fire apparatus storage solutions are lighter in weight, rustproof, corrosion-resistant, and stronger than other materials on the market. These components are available today and can be customized to match your needs.  

Our Fire Apparatus Storage Solutions Include:

UPF fire hose reel


A fire hose reel is a piece of firefighting equipment used as the first line of defense. It is intended to be used as a quick-response tool for firefighters battling fires in their early stages. We custom make those fire hose reels to allow for faster deployment and pick up of the hose. Thus, increasing performance and safety.


Speedlay and Crosslay trays

Speedlay and Crosslay trays provide speedy storage for the preconnected attack lines for rapid deployment without climbing up onto the apparatus. Each tray has a slide-out tray so that you can repack the hose off of the apparatus and slide the tray back in with the hose. This provides a safe and convenient position for packing hoses and allows the department to have spare trays already packed for quick replacement when returning from incidents.


SCBA Bottle Storage Rack

With a UPF SCBA bottle storage rack, you can keep your SCBA bottles and fire extinguishers organized, well-protected, and ready to use anytime you need them. For full storage capacity, we can stack and place several racks horizontally or vertically. The UPF SCBA bottle storage rack is non-corrosive, easy to maintain, and eliminates metal against metal contact. In addition, each is custom-designed to meet customers’ specific storage requirements. Lastly, the UPF SCBA bottle storage rack will protect your SCBA cylinders from casual damage in the fire station and during transport.

Fire Truck Tool Box

UPF can design a fire truck tool box with hand-holding cut-outs making it easy to pull your boxes from the compartments. In addition, our fire truck tool box is available in black textured polypropylene. Most importantly, like all of our poly products will never rust or corrode. The Poly fire truck tool boxes safely store all tools and emergency medical supplies. Thus, keeping them accessible and organized.

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Polypropylene offers a great number of advantages, many of which allow it to be used for a wide variety of different products and services.

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