Green & Lean Initiatives

Sustainable Plastic Manufacturing

We are committed to being a sustainable plastic manufacturing company. We are proud to say that our polypropylene manufacturing processes support our initiatives from beginning to end. Also, we are a lean principles pioneer and an environmentally conscious business. Our goal is to have the least amount of negative effects on society and the world as possible by manufacturing sustainable water tanks. Our green initiatives have reduced our environmental footprint, allowing us, our clients, and partners to conduct business in a more environmentally friendly manner.

In addition, we’ve integrated production flow principles into our design process to minimize waste, improve quality, lower costs, and detect issues early on in the production of our sustainable water tanks. This method also improves delivery predictions, making it easier to address the question, “When will my product ship?”. This workflow allows us to save time, resources, and product while delivering the best value to our customers. As a result, combining Green and Lean strategies benefits both our bottom line and yours.

Furthermore, we have received ISO certifications in our two manufacturing facilities to ensure that our business management system, polypropylene manufacturing process, operation, and documentation procedures meet the quality, safety, and efficiency requirements in our products’ production.

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The ISO 9001 2015 certification was the most recent one we got. Although this credential is predominantly concerned with quality standards, it also contributes to the company’s long-term visibility. As a result, we’re still developing and finding new ways to improve our sustainable plastic manufacturing. 

More information about this can be found on our Commitment to Quality page.

These initiatives support our company's sustainable plastic manufacturing initiatives and growth

All of our efforts contribute to effective and sustainable plastic manufacturing processes because they decrease waste and improve productivity. With the aid of the Lean Transformations Group’s advisors, we could increase our business efficiency.

As a result, we improved production line productivity by 40%, overall productivity by 15%, and warranty costs by 40%. The story, however, does not end here. In our line of work, we are responsible for self-improvement. There’s always something that can be done differently. We are far from perfect. However, we take the measures required to get there. As a result, we are striving to have the most sustainable water tanks in the market.

Measures We're Taking

We are Improving Our Sustainable Plastic Manufacturing Practices and thus, Providing a Better Service to Our Customers and Partners

Increase Fuel Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Emissions

Using the lightweight materials featured by UPF Truck Bodies to reduce truck chassis weight. Thus, allowing for larger shipping loads and increased fuel efficiency.

New Eco-Design

To enhance pump performance and efficiency by improving tank suction.

Reduce Unnecessary Waste

  • Reclaiming cut material in our factories and weld it together to form additional sheets as a result.
  • We keep scrap to a minimum with nesting product designs.
  • Our polypropylene manufacturing factories exclusively use high-efficiency lighting, while our office lights are on motion timers.


  • Our scrap material and send it back to the supplier to recycle it for future use.
  • Digitizing most job packages and recycling paper job packages.
  • Reusing tank test station water.
  • Our material of choice, Polypropylene, is 100% recyclable. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that make us a sustainable plastic manufacturing company. All UPF products are recyclable after they reach the end of life.

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