Custom Ambulance Rub Rails Ready to Install

The UPF fire apparatus and ambulance rub rails come in custom lengths and also include through holes and warning light cutouts.  Also, they ship ready to install and installation is very easy. 

When a fire apparatus, ambulance, truck, or first responder vehicle is involved in a fender-bender, maneuvering in tight streets, corners, crowded parking lots, heavy traffic, or a disaster scene, rub rails are your first line of defense against major damage to your vehicle. A small piece of polypropylene is an investment that could make the difference between a minor scratch and major damage that may require costly repairs. In addition, polypropylene is a perfect alternative to an aluminum or stainless steel rub rail.

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Polypropylene offers a great number of advantages, many of which allow it to be used for a wide variety of different products and services.

UPF Joe Lingel

UPF Founder/CEO Retires

Joe Lingel Retires from UPF United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (UPF) announces that as of September 1, 2021, Joe Lingel, CEO of United Plastic Fabricating, Inc.

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