UPF Poly Rescue Truck Body

When choosing a fire rescue truck, a poly rescue truck body from UPF is the best choice for your department. UPF is proud that our PolyBody® is the best rescue body for sale. A fire rescue truck transports life-saving fire rescue tools, equipment, and firefighters to emergency calls.  Fire rescue trucks often deal with traffic accidents involving extracting victims, building collapses, as well as structural fires. Choosing a body from UPF allows you to choose from many options.  If you need a replacement body for your fire and rescue truck, UPF has the answer for you.  Our engineers can help design a new body that will last the lifetime of the truck. 

Some rescue vehicles are not walk-in, providing sufficient storage space in the compartment for tools and rescue equipment. A walk-in rescue truck offers ample storage space and provides areas to transport firefighters to the scene and, in some cases, used for incident and command centers.  UPF can also offer fire rescue truck storage solutions. Check our fire apparatus storage solutions page to learn more about our accessories. 

Made from the same rugged, durable, impact-resistant polypropylene that has made the POLY-TANK® the #1 water tank in the fire industry, the UPF PolyBody® rescue truck body will not rust or corrode.  In addition, UPF’s poly rescue truck body resists day-to-day dings and dents and is more lightweight than conventional steel or fiberglass bodies. The added flexibility makes the PolyBody® ideal for specifying or designing a quick response fire-fighting rescue truck.  When you are looking for the best rescue body for sale, be sure to specify for your fire rescue truck. 

The payload you wish to carry (the equipment, the number of gallons of water, the pump, and other fire fighting and life-saving equipment) combined with the weight of your rescue truck body will determine the type of chassis you order. A lightweight body will allow you to carry additional life-saving equipment and water. The PolyBody™ is the lightest body available today. 

When you invest in new equipment for your department, you want it to be of the highest quality. Also, your vehicles should be something you’re proud to display, vehicles that maintain their new look. Only the PolyBody™ offers a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. In addition, this hand-crafted fire rescue truck body painted with automotive paint will provide an outstanding appearance. It is solid, unlike the low-cost alternative bodies available.

You want rugged equipment for your firefighters … Equipment can take the heavy abuses of the typical fire service day. The PolyBody™, constructed from PT3™ high impact copolymer polypropylene, is the most durable fire rescue body for sale today. Moreover, this hi-tech material has outstanding toughness and resists the day-to-day dings or dents that metal bodies acquire. Compare it to a steel or aluminum body and see the difference. 

Every fire department’s needs are different. What will your body need to hold … tank, pump, bottles, brooms, shovels, etc.? How will all this equipment be stored? Other rescue truck body manufacturers may want you to fit your needs into their standard designs, but the UPF PolyBody™ is a customizable body program. While UPF has pre-engineered a wide variety of bodies and options to meet the specific needs of your department, the hand-crafted fabrication of a PolyBody™ allows for a vehicle that will meet your exact requirements.

UPF Poly Rescue Truck Body Warranty

United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. warrants that each UPF PolyBody® Sidepacks has been designed and manufactured to provide superior performance and reliability and to be free from any defects in material and workmanship under the following conditions: The UPF PolyBody® must be installed and maintained in accordance with United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. recommendations. UPF will repair or, at our option, replace any component of the PolyBody® side packs that proves to be defective in material and/or workmanship. 

This warranty will not cover any PolyBody® side pack that has been improperly installed, misused, or abused, and the serial number must not have been altered, defaced, or removed. PolyBody® side packs that are not stored, painted, or installed properly, which results in the body suffering UV damage, will not be covered by this agreement. UPF will not cover any unauthorized third-party repairs or alterations. Any of these actions may void the warranty. Also, you can learn more about our warranty here or get a copy of the UPF warranty by e-mailing us at [email protected]

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