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Our Research and development team is always looking for new ways to improve the United Plastic Fabricating line of fabricated poly tanks.Throughout their involvement in various areas in the plastics industry, this team is focused on designing cutting-edge manufacturing equipment as well as new product development.

Our in-house engineers and designers use the most up-to-date state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) tools to design custom water tanks and other products from a whole host of industries. Also, we are always searching to make the design and manufacturing processes more efficient. 

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UPF continually invests in the latest cutting-edge technology that increases product quality and keeps the company competitive in the marketplace.

Cutting-Edge Technology for our Fabricated Poly Tanks

CNC Router

CNC Router

We currently have ten Thermwood CNC router tables in two manufacturing plants. These router tables allow UPF to a precisely cut product while minimizing setup time and maximizing assembly efficiency.

Test Scale

Test Scale

Our six test hydrostatic tank testing stations are used to pressurize and test every seam to identify any possible defects. They have the unique ability to articulate the tank. Also, it allows for complete evacuation of air in order to measure the precise volume of your tank. We can provide a certificate of capacity to attest to the stated volume of your fabricated poly tanks.

Extrusion Welders

Extrusion Welders

UPF works with our suppliers to refine the welding process through the use of extrusion welding equipment. In order to enhance our welding equipment and process capacity, UPF continues to invest heavily in research and development.

Butt Welder

Butt Welder

Our product's efficiency and reliability have significantly improved thanks to the butt-welding fusion machine. This process provides the strongest welding process possible. It uses a computer-driven controller for accuracy while providing 100% material penetration. As a result, a high-quality surface finish of the joint is ready to finish with little preparation. We currently have five machines with welding lengths of up to 13 feet and the ability to join sheet at 90˚ if the application requires.

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