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Green Initiatives

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Truck Body Maker – Environmentally Aware

UPF is a truck body maker that cares about the environment.  In addition to our customers we’re dedicated to helping: UPF is engaged in a wide range of Green Initiatives that highlight our commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner. As a result, we’ve find that most green initiatives actually increase business efficiency.

In addition, keeping business operations green helps to reduce carbon emissions, preserve wooded areas and biodiversity, and keep our air and water clean. Furthermore, here are just a few of the Green Initiative steps we take at UPF.  We encourage our partners to take similar measures!


UPF Green Initiatives
  • Using the lightweight materials featured by UPF Truck Bodies lessens the weight on truck chassis, allowing for larger shipping loads and increased fuel efficiency.
  • We reclaim cut material in our factories and weld together to form additional sheets, this significantly reduces unnecessary waste.
  • Regrind scrap material with the supplier and recycle for future use.
  • Engineers nest product designs which keeps scrap to a minimum.
  • UPF scans most job packages, and recycles paper job packages.
  • A new eco design enhances pump performance and efficiency by improving tank suction.
  • To avoid wasted electricity, UPF factories exclusively use high efficiency lighting, while our office lights are on motion timers.