MIFDI Visits to Learn about UPF PolyTank Design

MIFDI learns all about UPF Poly-Tank DesignMIFDI joined United plastic to discuss the UPF PolyTank Design

Just last week, United Plastic Fabricating hosted the Massachusetts Institute of Fire Department Instructors at our Massachusetts location. Their visit (led by our CEO and owner Joe Lingel) included an overview of the engineering and fabrication processes. The day started off with an introduction by Joe, who also introduced our VP of Engineering Michael Ashley. The group broke into two groups, with Joe and Michael each leading one. Throughout the tour, the goal was to help the instructors learn about the UPF PolyTank design process, from engineering to manufacturing.

Learning about Engineering

Michael Ashley started his group in the engineering meeting room, where they discussed some of the decisions UPF makes. Engineer John Kendricken presented information on how we design the tanks, and together he and Michael fielded the instructors’ questions. In Michael’s own words, “this group as a whole was the most engaging and interactive among any prior tours I had given.” He praised their inquisitiveness, highlighting their interest in our design and building process. Not having any past experience working with MIFDI, Michael was impressed that their curiosity and interest aligned so well with their mission of sharing knowledge about fire training. Joe was struck by their interest in how detailed the planning process was for tank design through the engineering process.

Shop Tour

Much like the engineering session, the tour of the shop floor featured the group’s same level of interest. During the tour, the group saw the building process for the same tank that UPF showcased earlier in the day. One instructor expressed interest in how each team on the assembly floor worked independently, requiring little supervision in their station. During the showcase of the process, most questions dealt with issues related to machining, baffling, and welding. The shop tour also included an overview of our plastic tow truck body! Despite being fire educators, the group found the PolyBody just as interesting.

It was great to have everyone in the facility to discuss and share information, and we look forward to working together in the future. Micahel and Joe both expressed their appreciation for the questions and curiosity of MIFDI, and how happy they were with the day overall. For more information on MIFDI and their work, check out their site here!