Fire Prevention Week kicks off in South Elgin with an open house

UPF tanks and big OEMs at South Elgin open house for Fire Prevention Week!

United Plastic Fabricating’s Pat Cahill had the wonderful opportunity to attend South Elgin’s Fire Protection open house just over a week ago. The fire protection open house represented the start of Fire Prevention Week in South Elgin, and saw representation from a slew of big name trucks on display. Pierce, Spartan, Rosenbauer, US Tanker, and Crimson were all present with the variety of trucks. Newer models of trucks also featured UPF’s PolyTanks, giving further reliability to both the district and wider countryside!


Fire Prevention week at South Elgin open houseThis was more than just a chance to show off trucks, however; Fire Prevention Week’s focus was on community education as well. The emphasis this year focuses on awareness and how to recognize potential threats. “Look. Listen. Learn.” The name of the game this year promotes community learning, hoping to give people everywhere the agency to know when something goes wrong. You can learn more about South Elgin Fire Protection and the just-ended Fire Prevention Week here!