UPF Founder/CEO Retires

Joe Lingel Retires from UPF

United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (UPF) announces that as of September 1, 2021, Joe Lingel, CEO of United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (UPF), officially retired.

Joe’s connection to the fire service goes back to 1969 when he was just sixteen years old and decided to be an Auxiliary Fire Fighter for Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  Through the years, Joe would proudly answer the call for the town he loved so dearly.  Joe would hold many titles in the department over the years.  In 1971, Joe’s appointment changed from Auxiliary to Substitute, and in 1972 Joe’s position changed from Substitute to Private.  Joe became a Lieutenant in 1981, and in 1984, he became a Captain.  June of 2012, Joe was promoted to Fire Chief and was additionally appointed as the town’s Emergency Management Director a month later.  In December of 2013, Joe retired from the town of Lynnfield after forty-four years of service.

While on the department, Joe worked full-time at General Electric (GE), where he was an engineer and worked on many projects for the military.  In 1982, Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) and fellow Firefighter Alan Burnham needed to repair an E-One pumper truck with a rusted, corroded booster tank.  Al approached Joe to brainstorm the idea of a plastic tank application.  Their brainstorming session resulted in the liquidation of assets, a start of an entrepreneurial journey, and the first Poly-Tank® for the fire service.

Joe initiated a corporate environment that combined high-quality expectations and proactive customer service along with cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking.  He successfully created a work environment that involved employees in new processes, products, and corporate objectives.  He set the stage for UPF’s next generation.

The Next Generation at United Plastic Fabricating, Inc.

“My father’s success with United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (UPF) is indeed the American Dream. As a kid, I witnessed his hard work, long hours, and success become a reality. As a result, UPF became, and still is, the number one fire truck tank manufacturer in the country. He solved the problem Fire Departments had with the corroded steel tanks by innovating the POLY-TANK®. Under my leadership, UPF will continue to improve and supply the industry with quality products and outstanding customer service.  It is with great pride my brothers and I take over the company that my father started thirty-five years ago,” Andrew Lingel, President.

If you would like to contact Joe to wish him well, you can email him at [email protected].  Send cards to our Corporate Headquarters.  United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. 165 Flagship Drive, North Andover, MA 01845.