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Light Duty Tow Truck Body

UPF is one of the fastest-growing light-duty tow truck body manufacturers due to its growing popularity. Unlike other manufacturers, we use rust-resistant and durable polypropylene for our light duty wrecker bodies.

We guarantee that your polypropylene body will last longer than any steel, aluminum, or fiberglass bodies. The plastic material is both lighter and corrosion-resistant, unlike other traditional metal bodies. A UPF tow truck body has enhanced durability, strength, and customization options. Besides our light duty wrecker body, we also offer medium and heavy duty wrecker bodies.

We’ve taken our expertise in designing fire truck tanks and applied it to the development of tow truck bodies. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you get exactly what you want.  Learn more about our Poly-Gen™ body for light duty tow trucks here.

UPF offers truck replacement bodies for light-duty tow trucks with body lengths ranging from 60” to 84”.

Perfect for light-duty towing, the Poly-Gen™ 60-CA Light Duty tow body is made from the same exclusive PT3™ copolymer polypropylene. Lightweight and durable, the Poly-Gen 60-CA Light Duty body is damage resistant. Unlike competing tow bodies, our light duty wrecker will never rust or corrode. This wrecker body is adaptable to several different tow truck sizes. Also, you can pair this body with a tunnel box of 24″x30″ for smaller trucks or a 36″x48″ size range for larger vehicles.

Learn more about our Poly-Gen™ body for light duty tow trucks here.

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Polypropylene offers a great number of advantages, many of which allow it to be used for a wide variety of different products and services.

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