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Fire Truck Tank – UPF Changes History

UPF Fire Truck Tank History

In the mid-1980s, the founders of United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. evaluated the fire truck tank used for fire apparatus. They determined that they could make the water tanks from high impact polypropylene instead of galvanized steel.  When welded using an extruded sheet, this strong, lightweight plastic made a water tank with a lifetime warranty.  In addition, while offering weight savings and eliminating corrosion.

Today’s Fire Truck Tank

Today, the POLY-TANK® water tank for fire apparatus is the industry standard, and the steel water tank is all but a memory.  Following the POLY-TANK’s® success, UPF developed other fire service products.   Other products: slip-on units, large wetsided tanks, foam trailers and elliptical tanks.

UPF Product History

Turning its attention to non-fire related products, UPF has applied its know-how to improving tanks for industrial customers who struggle with corrosion problems. In addition, UPF has developed several products for the trucking industry, including the world’s first polypropylene service body, the PolyBody®.

“No matter what your history has been, your destiny is what you create today. What are you going to create?” – Steve Maraboli

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UPF Innovations & History


1986 UPF incorporated in Massachusetts in a 6,400 sf facility and the Poly-Tank® was introduced
1989 Poly-Tank® II introduced
1989 Florida plant opened 20,000 sf
1989 UPF Protector™ foam trailer introduced
1991 Wisconsin plant opened 12,000 sf facility
1992  Wisconsin plant addition doubling size to 24,000 sf
1992 UPF Corporate Headquarters moves to 39,000 sf facility
1993 Defender™ 2 skid unit introduced
1994 PolyBody® Utility Body introduced
1995 Poly-Tank® IIE introduced
1996 Defender™ 3 skid unit introduced
1998 Ellipse™ Elliptical Tank program introduced
1999 Defender™ 4 skid unit introduced
2000 Moved to larger plant in Florida 39,000 sf
2002 Defender™ 2C introduced
2004 UPF achieves ISO 9001:2000 Certification in all three facilities
2005 Defender™ 5 Introduced and planned opening of 70,000 sf WI facility
2005 New UPF WI opens 73,000 sf facility
2006 UPF celebrates 20 years in business
2008 Integrator™ Tank/Body introduced
2008 UPF achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification in all three facilities
2009 Ellip-T-Tank™ introduced
2011 Poly-Tank®III introduced
2012 PolyBody® Tow Body introduced
2013 New UPF FL opens 78,030 sf facility
2016 UPF Celebrated 30 Years
2016 Lean Journey Began
2016 Poly-Barge introduced
2017 UPF achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification in all three facilities
2017 UPF forms LEI Co-Lean Partnership