Food Processing

poly storage and elliptical water tanks
You may know UPF for poly and elliptical water tanks for the fire industry.  But did you know that we can custom make elliptical water tanks for the food processing industry?  In addition, custom plastic products?  These customers have an expectation of excellence and reliability that we are proud to live up to. Not only can provide large elliptical water tanks or polypropylene equipment for food processing setup.  Furthermore, something as simple as serving trays and cutting boards, our state-of-the-art facilities are prepared for any output requirement.

UPF can assist you with any food processing project!

UPF Industrial has provided large storage and processing tanks for Grande Cheese Company dairy facilities.   Also, we’ve also provided cupcake trays for Shabby Chic’s boutique offerings. In addition, UPF stands ready to assist with any food processing project.   In conclusion, our Industrial Sales Representative can help determine for which our unique polypropylene and other plastic materials is appropriate.