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Custom DEF Tanks

When it comes to any diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank system, manufacturers appreciate the obvious advantages of custom-fabricated plastic DEF tanks (compared to stainless steel). For industrial power generator manufacturers, cost savings is the most obvious benefit. Moreover, plastic is 100% rust-proof, and our custom designs take full advantage of every bit of real estate available within your industrial power generators. Also, contamination doesn’t adhere or stick to our type of substrate. Thus, routine maintenance and cleaning become much faster/easier.

One of our best customers manufactures large, industrial power generators, which require 50–100-gallon DEF tanks. Before outsourcing their tanks to us, they were making their own DEF tanks using stainless steel. We reduced their hard costs by more than 34%, freed up two of their full-time employees, opened up more space on their floor, and they are now able to focus on their core products and production. Lastly, we provide more environmentally friendly (green) diesel exhaust fluid tanks because we recycle all unused polymers.

DEF Tanks

UPF DEF Tank Benefits    

Poly DEF Tanks Are More Durable than Aluminum Tanks.

Unlike stainless or aluminum, DEF tanks made out of polypropylene plastic are resistant to corroding (even in a moisture-rich environment).

Poly Is much Easier to Clean than Aluminum.

Polypropylene is a homogeneous material that protects urea against many types of contamination. Therefore, poly has excellent chemical resistance, which protects the material from many organic solvents, acids, and alkalines. There is no need to worry about your DEF tanks ever rusting. Moreover, the cleaning process of your DEF tank is much easier. Most particles that attach to polypropylene slide off it easily.

More Friendly to the Environment.

UPF engages in a wide range of green initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner. Learn more about our Green Initiatives.

We Have a Field Service Team for On-Site Repairs.

Our team of technicians comes directly to you for any repair. Each technician is a full-time UPF employee that receives regular training. Learn more about our field service team.

Why Custom Fabrication of your Poly Diesel Exhaust Tank? 

  • Ideal for low-cost modifications for any new generator design (custom; no new mold investments)
  • You can design any specific size and input/output preferences that you may need.
  • Maximizes real estate/gallonage of bulk DEF fluid.
  • If still manufacturing your own, outsourcing to us will free up your manpower and floor space (labor is a huge expense). Also, this allows you to better focus on your core business.
  • Poly is less expensive than stainless steel.

If you are looking for specific measures and want to customize your DEF tank, then our poly DEF tank’s custom fabrication option may be a superior solution. Each tank is designed to your specifications and/or drawing submittal. After approving the drawing, we’ll send an accurate quote, and once approved, start the production of your poly diesel exhaust fluid tank.

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