Poly Custom Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Tanks

Custom DEF Tanks

When it comes to any diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank system, both manufacturers and end-users alike appreciate the obvious advantages that custom-fabricated, plastic DEF tanks offer (as compared to stainless steel). For DEF tank manufacturers, cost savings is the most obvious benefit when designing systems to effectively handle bulk DEF fluids. Moreover, plastic is 100% rust-proof, and our custom designs take full advantage of every bit of real estate available in your industrial power generators. Also, plastic is often lighter in weight than most other substrates, and contamination doesn’t adhere or stick to this type of source. Thus, routine maintenance and cleaning becomes much faster/easier.   

One of our best customers manufactures large, industrial power generators, which require 50–100-gallon DEF tanks. Before outsourcing their tanks to us, they were making their own DEF tanks using stainless steel. We reduced their hard costs by more than 30%, freed up two of their full-time employees, opened up more space on their floor, and are now able to focus on their core products and production. Lastly, because we recycle all unused polymers, we provide more environmentally friendly diesel exhaust fluid tanks. 

UPF DEF Tank Benefits   

  • Poly diesel exhaust fluid tanks are rust-proof. This will make your tank more durable.
  • Polypropylene plastic is a tough and flexible material that doesn’t dent.
  • Contamination doesn’t stick well to plastic making the cleaning process much easier.
  • More environmentally-friendly.
  • Why custom? 
    • Different sizes.
    • Maximizes real estate/gallonage.   
    • Saves on refilling trips.
    • If manufacturing your own DEF tank, frees up manpower and floor space (labor is a huge expense). Allows for focusing on core business.
    • Cheaper than stainless steel.  
  • Polypropylene has a lighter weight than most other materials. 
  • We have a field service team for on-site repairs.
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