Chemical Processing

UPF is known for custom plastic tank fabrication.  Therefore, is proud to partner with some of the most respected fluid handling companies in the world. In addition, supply custom neutralization and dilution tanks, as well as high-quality settling tanks, to some of the industry’s leaders. Furthermore, UPF has established a strong position as a trusted supplier of affordable and reliable chemical processing equipment.

plastic tank fabrication

Plastic Tank Fabrication – You Can Count on UPF

The care and disposal of toxic and corrosive chemicals is important work.   As a result, UPF is industry-leading research and development team strives every day to make that job easier. We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work with respected organizations such as Corrosion Products & Equipment, Inc., George Fisher, and FW Webb to make our goal of safe and dependable polypropylene chemical processing equipment a reality. Our partners expect the best, and UPF Industrial dedication will make sure they get it.