Industrial Plastic Products

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Chemical Processing

UPF is proud to partner with some of the most respected fluid handling companies in the world. By supplying custom neutralization and dilution tanks, as well as high-quality settling tanks, to some of the industry’s leaders, UPF has established a strong position as a trusted supplier of affordable and reliable chemical processing equipment.

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Custom DEF Tanks

Manufacturers and end-users alike appreciate the obvious advantages that custom-fabricated, plastic DEF tanks offer (as compared to stainless steel). Cost savings is the most obvious benefit. Moreover, plastic is 100% rust-proof and custom design takes full advantage of every bit of real estate available on a truck or within a unit (this translates to fewer trips for refueling).

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Custom Water Tank

UPF industrial division is proud to serve a multitude of companies in a wide variety of industries.  Some examples of these industries are: Fire, Agriculture, Water and Wastewater, Jetting and the Hydroblasting industries.  If you need a custom water tank or a custom plastic product, UPF offers a wide variety of plastic materials.  Our exclusive PT3™ co-polymer polypropylene has proven to be an effective material.

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Food Processing

UPF’s clients in the food processing industry have an expectation of excellence and reliability that we are proud to live up to. Whether our partners need large tanks or polypropylene equipment for their food processing setup or something as simple as serving trays and cutting boards, our state-of-the-art facilities are prepared for any output requirement.

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UPF is proud to partner with respected organizations such as Terminix and Fred’s Water Service to keep both our homes and agricultural enterprises free of pests.

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At UPF, our dedication to research and development has allowed us to stay a step ahead of the competition. So it should come as no surprise that we have a healthy respect for research and development in general.

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Your Workboat Design with a Poly Bare Hull

Include United Plastic Fabricating's poly bare hull in your workboat design.  UPF poly bare hulls are ideal for oyster harvesting, houseboats, workboats and barges. Customers include Mobjack Bay Seafood, Floating Bungalows and Gulfside Marine. Poly bare hulls are made from black smooth polypropylene and are designed to your specifications. You submit your design to our Engineering team and UPF Engineering put together complex 3D models based on predefined design rules, thereby increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the design process.

UPF Poly bare hulls are lightweight, durable and will never rust!

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Plastic Tank Liners

UPF’s work with the FM Callahan has given us the unique opportunity provide electroplating for custom metal finishing tanks using polypropylene, polyethene, and PVC materials.

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Public Works

Our clients have come to expect nothing but the best from UPF, but when it comes to public works, our dedication to perfection becomes even more imperative. We know that our products are counted on to provide safe and reliable service to benefit the general public, and that is a civic responsibility that we take extremely seriously.

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Sewer/Jetter Tanks

Decades of experience satisfying the needs of the fire truck industry for custom water tanks has directly translated into our success supplying  jetter tanks within the sewer cleaning truck vertical. We help OEM’s maximize space, we utilize baffles to greatly reduce sloshing and rust-proof plastic is much easier to clean (as opposed to aluminum or steel).

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Storm Water

Corralling and processing storm water is an important industry, and one in which UPF is proud to have a strong guiding hand. Preventing pollutants swept up in storm water runoff from causing damage to community infrastructure is critical.

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The UPF Poly-Gen™ Series offers wrecker operators the strength and corrosion resistance of a durable polypropylene body.

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UPF’s introduction to the world of water and waste water processing has been equal parts critical and complex. Water and waste water processing is as important an unseen industry as exists in society, and our goal is to develop ways to make the process more affordable and efficient.

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