PolyBody® Plastic Bodies

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UPF is happy to offer a wide variety of additional accessories to help you outfit your vehicle for maximum safety, durability, and storage.

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Fire Rescue Bodies

Made from the same tough, durable, impact-resistant polypropylene that has made the POLY-TANK® the #1 water tank in the fire industry, the PolyBody® will not corrode, resists day-to-day dings and dents, and is more lightweight than conventional steel or fiberglass bodies.

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Line Bodies/Service/Aerial Bodies

The PolyBody® Line Bodies, Service and Aerial Bodies are all made from polypropylene, a tough, durable, impact resistant plastic material. The PolyBody® will not rust or corrode, can resist day-to-day dings and dents and offers lighter weight than conventional steel or fiberglass bodies. The PolyBody® is a true long-life body that is transferable from chassis, with the outstanding appearance that only a hand crafted body can provide.

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Tow Bodies

The UPF Poly-Gen series represents the next step in the evolution of tow truck bodies. Our truck body manufacturers developed a wrecker body made out of our durable polypropylene material, guaranteed to resist rust and offer increased durability. The plastic material offers a lighter weight than typical metal bodies, and adds rust resistance to your body. With all the improved durability, strength, and customization options, there’s no reason not to swap over to UPF’s PolyBody today. We've spent years honing our skills designing fire truck tanks, and have brought that expertise to building tow bodies. We have the experience to serve as your new truck body manufacturer and provide you with exactly what you need. We aim to get you up and running as soon as possible- explore our options for tow bodies below.

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Underbed Toolbox and Custom Storage

Originally introduced to the trucking industry, the PolyBox® is an all polypropylene underbed toolbox. Featuring stainless steel hardware and a stainless steel door overlay, the PolyBox® is the tough, maintenance-free, moisture and dirt resistant toolbox you need.

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