UPF Warranty Claim Submission Gets a New Option

UPF Warranty Van New Option for Submitting UPF Warranty Claims!

In order to better serve your service needs, United Plastic Fabricating proudly announces a way to handle tank repairs! UPF Warranty, which for many years has provided lifetime warranty, has recently updated your options for alerting us to any leaks. In the past, we’ve relied mostly on phone calls and a few emails to report tank issues and provide service. However, we now have an online form you can submit to handle all of the information! Simply enter the relevant details into the respective fields, and the system delivers the information straight to our warranty department! You can still attach pictures of the tank leak like a standard email, and now there’s no worrying over what information is important! Head on over to the service page to check out the form and submit your leaks or cracks now!

If you need to start up a warranty claim for the first time, don’t worry! You start the surprisingly simple process, and then we handle the rest. When getting ready to submit your issue, the most important thing you can do is provide us with a way to identify the tank. We need to know what design needs repairing, so having the UPF serial number on hand helps the most! If you cannot find the number, some tanks we can locate some tanks through a combination of the OEM and shop/builder number of the truck. Of course, we also need information about who your department is and where you’re located, so try to include that as well.

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