Tow Truck Beauty Contest 2017 includes UPF PolyGen Body

UPF PolyGen and PolyBody Informational Poster

UPF PolyGen Featured in TRPC Tow Truck Beauty Contest

The Towing and Recovery Professionals of Connecticut (TRPC) hosted their 2017 Truck beauty contest less than a week ago! UPF happily sent along a representative, and enjoyed the opportunity to show our PolyGen material! Hosted at the Farmington Club, this event attracted a variety of tow truck builders to show off their vehicles. UPF feels honored having displayed our very own PolyBody tow truck alongside these others towers. Dan Rosetti from our Sales department attended the show with our truck, and had the opportunity to share the PolyBody with attendees! Even though we didn’t take home the top prize, we’re happy to compete with such impressive vehicles. Congratulations to everyone in attendance! If you live in or near Connecticut, feel free to go check out TRPC’s website! Alternatively, go check out our site to learn all about our own UPF PolyGen Tow Truck Body.

Beauty Contest Entries the UPF PolyGen truck body was judged against

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