UPF Tanks Custom-Made for the Fiber Optic Industry

New Custom UPF Tanks for Fiber Optic Company!

[caption id="attachment_1044" align="alignright" width="539"]UPF Tanks designed much like this fit all your needs! The Dual Stack Tank for Smyrna Truck[/caption]

United Plastic Fabricating recently fulfilled an order for Smyrna Truck, manufacturing these dual stack tanks. The intended end recipient, Deep Fiber Solutions, uses our tanks a little differently than the fire and tow companies. At Deep Fiber, they convert cable operator coaxial cables into optic infrastructure. This allows the, to deploy the fiber deeper into a given network. During this, the tanks dispense and collect a unique fluid for the task. While the details of the fluid are beyond me, it is biodegradable. This allows for the process to not greatly harm the environment- always a win! With the UPF tanks handling all of this liquid, our rust free PolyBody fits the job perfectly!

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