United Plastic Fabricating Hosts NEFAMA at Andover, MA

NEFAMA joins United Plastic Fabricating for Info and Plant Tours NEFAMA logo

The New England Fire Apparatus Maintenance Association (NEFAMA) has long stood as a trusted name in fire maintenance education. just this week, members of the association stopped by United Plastic Fabricating’s main headquarters in North Andover, MA. The visit, following their morning arrival, included plant tours from a variety of our VP’s and President, Andrew Lingel. After lunch at UPF, Andrew also provided a presentation on our background and methods, followed by monthly meetings.

What Fire Apparatuses looked like when NEFAMA founded!About NEFAMA

First established in 1956, NEFAMA started out as just FAMA- Fire Apparatus Maintenance Association. Begun by a group of local mechanics, the association quickly grew into a far larger reaching organization. With the subsequent advances and improvements to fire apparatuses over the years, they diversified themselves. Growing ever more fully into education, they hosts regular seminars on fire apparatus maintenance, and constantly trains new technicians. With updates to the network of fire apparatus technicians, manufacturers, and vendors, NEFAMA works more and more to bring all these groups together. They seek to create a strong network of inter-connectivity for the fire service industry, and UPF is glad to help. Feel free to check out their site here for a more comprehensive history and explanation of their services!

Through our collaboration with associations and companies like NEFAMA, we seek to constantly improve our products. By keeping such conversations going, we learn more about what others are doing to change, and our own process evolves as a result. In the end, our customers get the best results- improvements on our already reliable PolyGen tanks.

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