Fox Valley College Recognizes Marcia Anderson’s Excellence

Fox Valley College Recognizes Marcia Anderson’s Dedication to Quality

Fox Valley College ran a recent article about UPF’s Marcia Anderson and her accomplishments! The college publishes their news media Focus Magazine bi-annually, with stories featuring the students, alumni, and partners of Fox Valley. The magazine’s Fall issue for 2017 highlighted the accomplishments of Marcia Anderson, a longtime member of United Plastic Fabricating’s family. A native of Neenah, Marcia works in the WI plant and oversees our quality control, as well as coordinating the company’s ISO efforts. Marcia was the one who spearheaded the ISO 9001:2015 earlier this year!

Marcia started her UPF journey soon after high school, and quickly decided that she wanted to advance her career through further education. Focus Magazine covers her search and eventual decision to pursue Fox Valley Technical College. Starting out with a Quality Assurance Certificate from Fox Valley College, Marcia quickly realized she wanted to go further. Moving on, she achieved her associate’s degree in Quality Engineering Technology. She praised this program as directly impacting her work with near immediate noticeable differences. Marcia’s knowledge of quality control programs and engineering quality allow her to ensure UPF products’ reliability. Leading the drive towards ISO 9001:2015 certification, Marcia contributes to our PolyBody and PolyTank high standards. We’re thrilled that Fox Valley College was able to help Marcia reach where she is today, and even more grateful for her tireless help each week! Check out the article here!

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