New Design for UPF Custom Tanks for The Sewer Duck

 Design for UPF Custom Tanks

New UPF Custom Tanks Tailored for The Sewer Duck

The Sewer Truck- a division of GPM Pump & Truck Company- recently ordered a set of UPF custom tanks from our design center. Here at United Plastic Fabricating, we pride ourselves on our custom design chops, and proudly share the results. Ranging from one to four thousand gallon capacity, this custom set offers The Sewer Duck’s customers a wide selection to choose from. These sizes include delivering up to 120 GPM at 3,000 PSI.

While UPF takes pride in our stock options, we believe the realm of custom design proves our value the most. We think these custom-built options showcase our critical ability to adapt our methods to your needs. By doing this, we create a product tailored directly to your problem, and the solution targets your unique issue. For those in need of specific answers, don’t hesitate to contact UPF!


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