United Plastic Transitions to ISO 9001:2015

UPF Updates ISO 9001 Standards UPF now on ISO 9001:2015!

This past week, United Plastic Fabricated completed the long process of moving to ISO 9001:2015. Having previously operated on the ISO 9001:2008 system, this switch brought along plenty of change. This shakeup, however, served to highlight some key changes in the company that we believe will better our service. Our understanding and ease of transition came in large part through our management team’s close participation in the process- allowing us to make the ISO practices a daily part of our routine! Additionally, this allowed us to schedule specific times to review our progress, set up meetings to learn more about the transition, and investigate the details of switching to risk-based analysis. We also had the opportunity to reach out to others who have already transitioned, and learn from their experiences. For details regarding the ISO requirements for 9001:2015, check out their site!

ISO 9001:2015

Our Challenges

Overall, the biggest challenge has been adopting the risk-based strategies in place of the preventative measures. Going to the TUV class helped us to understand the obstacles we face in updating, but was well worth it. However, by looking so closely into our risk analysis, we gained some new perspective. By envisioning our risks from an outside perspective, we better understand how others see us and how to treat those expectations and perceptions. The transition process benefited us across the board, and happened surprisingly fast! We finished the switch in just nine months!


Looking Back

In hindsight, having already gone through the transition process to ISO 9001:2008 prepared us well. We already understood much of the shakeup that would accompany the transition, and we prepared for it. Combining this previous experience with a full participation by management allowed the company to make the transition on the same page. Everyone worked together, and we now have a new outlook on many of our procedures. We also have a better understanding of how others view our methods! The entire transition worked out well, and we cannot wait to share the effects with our customers!

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