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custom truck body manufacturers

Custom Truck Body Manufacturers

Custom truck body manufacturers, UPF, offers a warranty and service that can not be beat.  Because, whatever your warranty status, you deserve the best service that UPF custom truck bodies can give you. As a result, that’s why our service technicians are always standing by to assist.  Hence, all of our field service technicians are factory-trained and dedicated to working for you. In addition, our goal is to get you up and running in as fast and efficient a manner as possible, and we’re always happy to come to you.

Most services should be able to be completed at your location, minimizing your downtime and preventing unnecessary back-and-forth from our service locations. In conclusion, our expert technicians are knowledgeable, professional, and eager to help you get back on track.


Contact Information:
Main Phone: 800-638-8265 or 978-975-4520 Email: Info@unitedplastic.com

Technical support, flow/plumbing/surge/ and installation questions Email: Mmagoon@unitedplastic.com

Spare parts, replacement parts Email: Edoherty@unitedplastic.com

Field Service/Warranty work Phone number: 1-800-638-8265  or Email: Warranty-MA@unitedplastic.com

Please provide the Field Servie/Warranty department with the following information:

  • OEM
  • OEM shop or build number
  • Tank serial number
  • Fire Dept.
  • Contact # and email
  • Leak location