Thanksgiving Tradition using UPF’s own Custom Plastic Design

UPF’s Custom Plastic Design leads to Holiday Fun

Walter Anderson- Champion of the Turkey Toss, totaling 150 points on our boards created using our custom plastic design!

As part of United Plastic Fabricating’s holiday tradition, employees at our North Andover, MA office gathered the week of Thanksgiving for our annual Turkey Toss! During the three days before the holiday, the company holds preliminary rounds with a showdown between the finalists. Everyone competes to score the highest on a scoreboard created using our own custom plastic design process (more on this below!) The top ten employees from the first two days of qualifiers make up these finalists. However, this year we had so many high scorers that twelve people advanced! With competition mounting, a rookie to the event stepped up. Walter Anderson- known to some of you from the warranty services office- managed to sneak into the final round his first year competing! And how could he not- just look at that form (pictured on the right)!

Moving Indoors for the Finals

Abandoning the gusty winds and chilly temperatures of the parking lot, conditions for the final throws couldn’t get any better. With everyone on an equal playing field, only the skill of the toss mattered. Finally, after an incredible slew of close scores from each finalist, Walter Anderson held the top spot his rookie year! Rather than let anyone set up their own dynasty, he upset everyone. Congratulations Walter! Go double that score next time! Take a look below to see how we scored each person! Scores get tallied based on three tosses of the turkey.

The scoreboard, created using our custom plastic design method!Our Polypropylene Scoreboard

The scoreboard used for the Turkey Toss (pictured on the left) was created using our very own Polypropylene! Cut to size (turkey image and all) using our Thermwood cutter, the board consists of the same material as our tanks and tow bodies. Our capacity to convert custom designs into unique products remains unparalleled. Whether you need an innovative take on trucking apparatus or have a niche water tank need, come to us! Feel free to find our design center right here. Our custom plastic design capabilities mean satisfaction whatever your needs!


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