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United Plastic Fabricating is proud to work in partnership with storm and wastewater engineering firms. Together, we design and create environmentally-friendly alternative solutions to replace fiberglass tanks. Our polypropylene and polyethylene materials far outlast fiberglass. Moreover, they require less support and are completely rust-proof. Unlike concrete tanks, ours do not require cranes and are much easier to install (and are proven to be more durable). Due to the smooth surfacing plastic affords, our tanks are less prone to damage from contaminates.

Partnering with us for custom fabrication affords engineering firms more creativity and flexibility for design, applications, and effective solutions for their clientele. Our products are integral components for anaerobic digestion systems and deionized systems. We supply custom tanks, cabinets, canopies, covers, and shrouds. We partner with environmental engineering firms who serve storm/wastewater industries, municipalities, sludge, waste, and recycling firms as well as the pulp and paper industries.


  • Fiberglass requires more support than plastic tanks
  • More environmentally-friendly
    • Rust-proof
    • Fiberglass is made to replace (they break down)
    • Less prone to damage by contaminants
    • Custom fab allows for more creative designs, applications and solutions
    • More durable than concrete
    • Flexibility (plastic) endures ground shifting better than all other materials