Sewer Jetters & Mining, Construction and Airport Runway Blasters

Sewer Cleaning Equipment – Poly Water Tanks for your sewer jetter truck- street sweeping, airport runways and graphite removal

When it comes to sewer cleaning equipment, the poly tank for your sewer jetter truck is a must have.  In addition, the poly tank  is a perfect fit for blaster and street sweeping trucks too.

In addition, UPF has had the privilege to providing sewer cleaning equipment, the poly tank to a number of different companies (Nilfisk, Elgin, NLB, Blasters Inc., Cyclone and GPM).  As a result, we also provide components and products for jetters, blasters, and street sweepers. Our polypropylene and other plastics have proven extremely adaptable within a great many industries.  Therefore, we provide effective and affordable products for water-based industries and sewer cleaning equipment.

Currently, UPF Industrial produces custom polypropylene water tanks used for street sweeping, cleaning airport runways and graphite removal.  Also,  hydro-demolition, and maintaining and cleaning out sewer systems. In addition, we also add polypropylene reels and polypropylene compartments and shrouds. In conclusion, if there’s a product you need for your jetters, blasters, or street sweepers contact UPF Industrial today.






Standard Features

Black textured or smooth polypropylene
500-4000 gallon capacity
Rectangle or elliptical tank available

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