UPF joins truck body manufacturers with Poly-Gen™ 180-CT Tri Axle

Truck Body Manufacturers bring you the PolyGen 180-CT Tri Axle tow body

United Plastic Fabricating is happy to share our longest tow truck body! Our 180-CT is a tri-axle body, perfect for all your larger towing needs. As truck body manufacturers, we stand by our commitment to bringing you the best in the industry. The CT-180 brings the same lightweight strength and resilience our customers have come to expect, and offers similar customization options. Our polypropylene material offers more than the standard steel body. With a full plastic body, our products resist the rust problems which develop on metal bodies. The lighter weight allows you to reach each job faster, and durability is never compromised at UPF. We look forward to working with you as you transition to a PolyBody! Feel free to contact a member of our sales team today!

truck body manufacturers United Plastic Fabricating presents the PolYGen CT 180 Tri Axle!