Poly-Gen™ 156-CT Tandem Axle

tow truck body buildersTow Truck Body Builders-  UPF bodies will never rust or corrode

Due to the increasing popularity, UPF is one of the fastest growing tow truck body builders.  Unlike other tow truck body builders, UPF tow truck bodies are made from polypropylene.  Furthermore, these bodies are for tandem axle towing vehicles, the UPF Poly-Gen™ 156-CT Tandem Axle body offers the perfect combination of durability, strength, and customization options. In addition, the tandem axle tow body is smooth, quiet, and features the same increased storage as UPF’s other polypropylene products. Most of all, never worry about dings and dents with this lightweight but surprisingly strong tow body.  In conclusion, these bodies

are for mid-size, tandem axle towing vehicles, the Poly-Gen™ 156-CT Tandem Axle offers the best combination of lightweight material and durability you’ll find.

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