Tow truck builder UPF presents our Poly-Gen™ 143-SP Tri Axle!

UPF meets all your tow truck builder needs!

United Plastic Fabricating offers more than just fire tanks. With our extensive experience working with polypropylene material, we’ve moved to manufacture tow truck bodies as well. As a tow truck builder, we’ve adapted our years of PolyTank fabrication to create our PolyBody tow truck bodies! The PolyGen 143 SP Tri Axle body offers the same support and durability as all of our products, with the extended length of a tri axle. Our PolySlam doors seal out the weather from your tools, and keep everything nice and dry! With the rust-resistant material of our PolyBodies, see how much longer your truck body lasts! Contact UPF today to order yours now!

Poly-Gen PolyBody 143 sp tri axle shows UPFs prowess as a tow truck builder