Plastic Tank Liners – Plating Tanks, Chemical Tanks

Plastic Tank Liners

Most companies today are looking for quality tank liners for the sole purpose of extending the life of their tanks.  There’s nothing like when you have the liner manufactured as per the exact specifications provided for a product made with durability and longevity in mind. Once used in steel tanks, the tank liners offer an extra support system ensuring your investment has a prolonged shelf life.  Additional support is provided during construction as internal corners are reinforced on huge tank liners guaranteeing extra support. At the end of the day, it’s all about long-term and cost-effective solutions, especially with drop-in tank liners flexible or rigid. But this isn’t all when it comes to plastic tank liners.


plastic tank liners

There is more…

United Plastic Fabricating, Inc (UPF) designs and manufactures custom protective plastic tank liners for many industries.  Our plastic tank liners fit water treatment tanks,  plating tanks, and chemical tanks.  Additional liners manufactured are for secondary containment tanks, fishing tanks, and process steel tanks.  Industries such as metal finishing, aerospace, and semi-conductor would benefit from our plastic tank liners.  In addition, food handling, aquaculture, and wastewater treatment.

With your measurements, UPF’s engineering department will design a plastic tank liner for your application that will reinforce a steel tank’s life and/or provide additional support to a corroded and rusting tank.   With this polypropylene, you will never worry about your tank leaking again.  UPF also can custom fabricate tanks using polyethylene or PVC materials. Hence, UPF has a solution for you.

United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. has been designing and providing custom plastic fabrication for over thirty years.  In addition, UPF is ISO 9001 certified in all three of our production locations and employs over 200 plastic fabricators. Since UPF has locations in Massachusetts, Florida, and Wisconsin, we can offer freight options to your site.