Jetters, Blasters, and Street Sweeping

UPF poly water tanks for trucks are a perfect fit for Jetter, blaster and street sweeping trucks.

First of all, UPF has had the privilege to work with a number of different companies (Nilfisk, Elgin, NLB, Blasters Inc. and GPM).  As a result, we provide components and products for jetters, blasters, and street sweepers. Our polypropylene and other plastics have proven extremely adaptable within a great many industries.  Therefore, we provide effective and affordable products for water-based industries.

Poly Water Tanks for trucks- street sweeping, airport runways and graphite removal


poly water tanks for trucks reels

Currently, UPF Industrial produces custom polypropylene water tanks used for street sweeping, cleaning airport runways and graphite removal.  Also,  hydrodemolition, and maintaining and cleaning out sewer systems. In addition, we also add polypropylene reels and polypropylene compartmen

ts and shrouds. In conclusion, if there’s a product you need for your jetters, blasters, or street sweepers contact UPF Industrial today.