Spray Tanks for Trucks

UPF manufactures custom-sized plastic boxes, sprayers, and dispensing tanks for the insecticide, pesticide, and herbicide industries.  Our custom spray tanks for trucks help our customers protect homes and agricultural enterprises free of insects, pests, or weeds. Our adaptable polypropylene copolymer materials have allowed us to create durable, rust-free spray tanks for a wide variety of liquid-dispensing trucks. Therefore, we help our customers in insecticide, herbicide, and pesticide deployment on both large and small scales.

Spray Tanks For Trucks (Herbicide Tanks or Pesticide Tank)

Safe and Secure Polypropylene Tanks  

Our tanks for spray trucks are ideal for keeping these insecticide, pesticide, or herbicide chemicals safe and secure while efficiently and easily dispensing them is key. UPF’s tanks for pest control truck setup have an impeccable history of satisfied customers in the pesticide and herbicide industries. We intend to keep it that way.   

For instance, the largest and most successful Terminix franchisee contracted with us to retrofit more than one hundred pesticide trucks with custom plastic tanks. Why? Because they ran the numbers and realized how quickly they would enjoy a permanent return on investment (ROI) by switching to our tanks. By increasing spray tanks for trucks’ liquid capacities, we reduced the number of return trips for re-filling; enabling their technicians to do more jobs each week. Benefits were time savings, their trucks logging fewer miles, reduction of exposure to accidents, lowering their fuel costs. In addition to that, it helped them reduce their vehicle maintenance requirements.   

Besides helping the pesticide industry, lawn care companies are making the switch away from round fiberglass tanks to rectangular, custom fabricated plastic tanks. They want more liquid storage capacity, flat sides (for advertising), internal baffling to reduce sloshing, better resistance to denting/puncturing, and less prone to tipping. Lastly, our tanks make their vehicles much more attractive in the eyes of prospective customers.   

UPF Spray Tanks for Trucks Benefits:   

Poly Spray Tanks for Trucks Feature Internal Baffling to Reduce Sloshing While Greatly Increasing Safety.     

Our insect, herb, and pest control truck setup have a rectangular tank with a strong tank baffling system. This system balances and limits the movement of the liquid inside the tank. Thus, greatly reducing sloshing and making it less prone to tipping over, and improving braking capabilities. This feature will help improve driver control, which is essential for driver and road safety. Additionally, baffling can help you lower vehicle maintenance costs due to less wear and tear on brakes, chassis, suspension, and shocks. Not to mention that your trucks will be logging fewer miles, and you will be able to lower fuel costs. 

Poly Spray Tanks for Trucks Are More Durable than Aluminum Tanks.     

Unlike stainless or aluminum tanks, tanks made out of polypropylene plastic are extremely resistant to denting and are less prone to punctures. Polypropylene tanks are incredibly durable because of their toughness. Your poly tank will both look good and last for many years.   

More Friendly to the Environment.    

UPF engages in a wide range of green initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner. Learn more about our Green Initiatives.    

We Have a Field Service Team for On-Site Repairs.    

Our team of technicians comes directly to you for any repair needs. Each technician has the knowledge and skills to remedy any problem with your insect, herb, or pest control truck setup. Learn more about our field service team.     

Why Custom Fabrication of Your Poly Spray Tank for Trucks?     

  • You can design any specific size and any other requirements that you may need.   
  • Increased liquid capacities; custom will maximize real estate/gallonage of fluid.      
  • If manufacturing your own trucks, outsourcing to us will free up your manpower and floor space (labor is a huge expense). Thus, this allows focusing more on your core business.   
  • Poly is more cost-effective than stainless steel.    
  • The rectangular shape allows you to have more area for advertising, making your truck more attractive.  

If you are looking for specific measures and customizing your spray tank for trucks, a poly herbicide, insecticide, or pesticide tank custom fabrication may be a better solution. Each tank is manufactured to your specifications and/or drawing submittal. After approving the drawing we’ll start the production of your poly tank.   

To learn more about UPF products and industries served, check out our recent deliveries by clicking here.    

For more information, please contact us online or reach out to Matt Fermon by calling at (617) 962-7179 or email: [email protected]