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Fire Water Tanks - Tanker Fire Truck

PolySide Tank

We design and create fire water tanks to maximize the water you carry on your tanker fire truck; specify the UPF PolySide tank. We design its configuration to carry more water and equipment to the scene. The sidewalls of the wetside tank are its outer walls of the apparatus body. Thus, allowing every cubic inch to carry water.

Another important feature is that UPF’s PolySide tank uses a dynamic baffling method, complying with NFPA guidelines, an assurance of excellent road handling performance. Baffled tanks balance and limit the movement of the water on your tanker fire truck. By reducing sloshing, you can improve driver control. Indeed, this is essential for driver and road safety. Additionally, the tanks bolt directly to your subframe. Equipment (e.g., Portable tanks, ladders, suction hoses, etc.) can be integrated into the tank design or mounted directly to the tank sides.


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