Custom Integrated Fire Tanks and Fire Truck Bodies

UPF Integrated Tank Body

Integrator™ Fire Truck Tanks & Fire Truck Bodies

Manufactured for nearly twenty years, the Integrator™ combines the UPF Poly-Tank® fire truck tanks’ reliability with custom fire truck bodies.  Integrator™ fire truck tanks and fire truck bodies are manufactured independently, then joined together to provide one integrated unit to simplify assembly and avoid corrosion.

Up to a 4,000-gallon Poly Tank is available, the Integrator Poly Tank and PolyBody unit provide no shortage of options. Therefore, each PolyBody and Poly-Tank integrated unit can be purchased directly or by your fire truck manufacturer or dealer.  Additionally, UPF also offers custom poly rescue truck bodies.

Furthermore, for custom Integrator™ pricing, please select from the specifications below to obtain a quote:

NOTE: Custom units with capacities ranging from 100 – 4,000 gallons

Fire Truck Tank:

  • Tank size (Gallons and dimensions)
  • Style of Tank (T-Type or rectangle)
  • Tank options (See PolySide® options)

PolySide® Fire Tank Includes as standard:

  • One fill tower with removable screen
  • One sump with an anti-swirl plate and clean-out
  • One vent/overflow pipe (6”)
  • One tank fill up to 3” NPT
  • One tank suction up to 4” NPT

Internal fire tank mounting blocks and tank mounting kits:

Tank Size Mounting Kits
Under 2,000 Gallons 2
2,000 – 2999 Gallons 3
3,000 – 4,000 Gallons 4

Custom Fire Truck Bodies:

  • Provide a drawing or a sketch showing the basic compartment/body design, including all dimensions.
  • All compartments should have interior length, width, and heights shown.
  • Show compartment openings for length and height.
  • Roll-up door or Poly slam style door options.