Fire Rescue Bodies

Fire Truck Body – PolyBody® Fire & Rescue Body

The UPF fire truck body, PolyBody®’s material is the same tough, impact-resistant polypropylene as the Poly-Tank®.  As a result, the Poly-Tank® is the#1 water tank in the fire industry.  In addition, the PolyBody® will not corrode, resists day-to-day dings and dents, and is more lightweight than conventional steel or fiberglass bodies. Furthermore, added flexibility makes the PolyBody® the ideal solution when specifying or designing a quick response fire-fighting vehicle.

Choosing a fire truck body from UPF, allows you to choose from many options.  If you need a replacement body to your fire and rescue truck, UPF has the answer for you.  Our engineers can help design a new body that will last the lifetime of the truck.

fire truck body