Water and Waste Water

pulp and paper industry







Working with environmental engineering firms UPF’s introduction to the world of waste processing has been equal parts critical and complex. Water and waste water processing is as important an unseen industry as exists in society, and our goal is to develop ways to make the process more affordable and efficient. UPF’s one-of-a-kind polypropylene material has allowed us to create long-lasting and reliable equipment at a reasonable price that doesn’t force companies to break the bank for the public good.

When it comes to water and waste water needs, UPF has produced everything from anaerobic digestion systems and deionized systems tanks to simple custom cabinets, canopies, covers, and shrouds. We manufacture these products out of polypropylene and polyethene materials. UPF is a perfect fit to work with Environmental Engineering firms who design facilities for the water, sludge, waste & recycling and pulp and paper industries. Our partners, which include NA Water Treatment Plant, GLSD, Meri Voith Environmental Solutions (pulp and paper industry project) and Simply Air and Water, have worked with us to design and create the essential equipment they need to keep their systems or clients systems working at their best.