A New 2000 Gallon Poly Tank for Kent Volunteer Fire Company

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A 2000 Gallon Poly Tank for Kent Fire!

When Kent Volunteer Fire Company found their steel tank rusted and corroded, they realized it was time for a change. The 2000 gallon stainless steal elliptical tank served well for its lifespan, but the department needed something more reliable. They knew UPF was the place to go. The UPF Integrator™ matched their previous tank’s size, and boasts a slew of upgrades with it. Increased durability and strength, as well as its lighter weight, allow the UPF Integrator™ to outperform the steel tank. Most important, however, the custom made plastic tank will never rust or corrode, providing the longevity to keep on going. Installed on the existing chassis, the UPF Integrator™ also provided the Kent department with increased space and LED lit compartments. Keith Olson, of RKP Enterprises in Madison, IN, described this 2000 gallon poly tank as “the perfect solution” for the Volunteer Fire Company. Custom built water tanks sound like a worthwhile upgrade to you? Check out all the benefits here!



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“Kent Volunteer Fire Company needed to replace their 2000 gallon stainless steel elliptical tank and compartments due to rust and corrosion, and the UPF Integrator™ was a perfect solution . The 2000 gallon Integrator™, was installed on the existing chassis, it increased storage space, we installed LED compartment lighting but best of all, will NEVER rust or corrode again!”

-Keith Olson, RKO Enterprises, Madison, IN




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