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The Process

As a leading plastic fabrication company for many years, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we aren’t just talking about the sales process. From UPF Industrial’s custom fabrication process all the way through our service guarantee, we are dedicated to ensuring that you get nothing but the best from your UPF experience. Our sales team, manufacturers, service technicians, engineers, and every other UPF employee is held to the highest standard of excellence all the way through our process.

UPF Process

Sales Order Comes In

Sent to Order Entry

Sent to be Scheduled

Delivered to Engineering

E-mailed to Customer for Approval

Returned to Customer Service for adjustments

Released to Production

Product delivered to Customer


UPF Sales Process

Because we know to be a successful plastic fabrication company you need  highly-trained and extremely knowledgeable customer service personal that know all about UPF’s industrial products and capabilities, our experienced sales staff stands ready to assist you with any and all industrial needs. In addition, our trained staff  listens to your specific needs before recommending the right products for you. With customer satisfaction as our #1 mission, the members of our sales staff know that your needs are paramount.

It is our hope that your experience with our sales staff will start our partnership off on an extremely positive note. After all, our ultimate goal isn’t just to make a sale. We expect our relationship with our customers to grow over time, whether through the speedy and responsive service we provide for our products, or customers coming back to us for future purchases.


When the right people have the right tools, great things happen. That’s UPF Industrial’s philosophy when it comes to putting our engineers in a position to succeed. Using the brand new AutoTank Version 7x technology, our engineers can put together complex 3D models based on pre-programmed design parameters, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the design process. With the wide variety of industries served by our UPF Industrial branch, accurate modeling of custom products is absolutely critical. Finally, giving our engineers the best design technology possible allows us to keep our products innovative and our customers happy.

UPF Engineering Process

UPF’s Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) technology is at the forefront of the industrial plastic industry. Our engineers work with state-of-the-art KBE software called UPFront™, which allows them to generate 3D models. Once our engineers receive your specifications, they use UPFront™ to generate a shareable CAD model and this is why UPF is the right company for you.

Of course, our engineers aren’t the only thing that sets UPF Industrial apart in the industry. The relationships that we have cultivated with leading universities have allowed us to keep up with cutting edge technological advancements. Therefore, we view our investments in research and development as just another way to ensure that our customers always get the best results possible. We don’t just supply equipment to the research labs at MIT–we share their dedication to research and development, always striving to create the next big advancement.


Never settle for less than the best quality from your plastic fabrication company. Furthermore, these are words to live by, and UPF does. As a result, our three manufacturing plants has the most advanced and effective tools on the market.  UPF’s manufacturing process is as safe, seamless, and efficient as it can possibly be. As with our engineers, we want to put our employees in the best position to succeed, and we encourage each and every one of our employees to offer new ideas for increasing the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing process. Involving employees in every step of the process is an important way to make sure that everyone feels they have a stake in the company. Happy employees is just another step that makes our customers equally happy with their custom fabricated plastic products.

UPF Production Process