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Plastic Fabrication Company – The Process

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UPF is a leading plastic fabrication company that designs and fabricates a wide range of plastic products.  Most importantly, our customer satisfaction extends beyond sales to all departments of the custom fabrication process. The dedicated departments, and service teams provide consistent quality work which means, the best experience possible. In addition, our high standard of excellence in the plastics industry allows us to meet all of your needs of custom plastic products.

Plastic Fabrication Company

Sales Department

plastic fabrication

Further more, we know what it takes to succeed in the plastics industry.  Starting with highly trained and knowledgeable customer service personnel.  As a result, the sales team knows our custom plastic industrial products and how to get you exactly what you need.

We hope our sales staff starts your custom plastic process off on the right foot.  In addition any questions you have about your order are answered.  We take pride in growing our relationships over time, providing rapid service and detailed plastic fabrication knowledge.

Engineering Department

Meanwhile using the newest editions of AutoTank technology, our engineers construct detailed and precise 3D models. We base these models off pre-programmed parameters combined with your needs. This allows us to reach increased levels of accuracy and efficiency throughout the design process. We serve a wide variety of industries. As a result, by giving our engineers these models, we remain on the forefront of industrial plastic fabrication.

custom plastic fabrication

UPF believes in “Knowledge Based Engineering” (KBE for short). KBE allows us, to stay at the forefront of the industrial plastic industry. Our engineers work with cutting-edge KBE software called UpFront™ to generate their 3D models.

We set ourselves apart from other plastic fabrication companies with the relationships we cultivate with leading universities. Therefore, by sharing these research results, we allow the newest advancements to benefit our customers and their plastic parts.

Production department

Finally, we hold ourselves as the best plastic fabrication company.  In addition to our experience making fire truck PolyTanks®, it helps with our industrial custom plastic fabrication.  Above all, our entire process leads to custom fabricated plastic products that live up to their purpose and keep customers happy.

UPF Production Process