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Engineering Tools that Design Poly Tanks for Fire Trucks

UPF’s Engineering Department has been designing poly tanks for fire trucks since 1986. UPF uses knowledge based engineering (KBE) technology to put together complex 3D models based on predefined design rules, thereby increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the design process. This exclusive system is being utilized by UPF’s Engineering Department to provide more accurate drawings for poly tanks for fire trucks and dozens of other products based on the specifications poly tanks for fire trucks 1UPF receives from the customers. Given the ever-expanding number of industries served by UPF’s Industrial division, giving our engineers access to the best design technology possible is critical to our success.

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UPF utilizes the plastic technology expertise of several leading universities for continued development. Relationships such as these have allowed UPF to remain in the forefront of new developments in the plastic industry. UPF also retains a New York-based engineering consulting firm to assist in stress analysis and computer modeling. In addition, the relationship with the suppliers keeps UPF on the leading edge of technology. UPF’s association efforts provide valuable networking in the plastic industry.