Fundraiser for Hurricane Relief following Harvey and Irma

UPF Responds with assistance for Hurricane ReliefRed Cross Hurricane Relief Truck

Following the dual tragedies of the recent hurricanes, United plastic Fabricating would like to assist with the Hurricane Relief Effort. In order to lend our help, we started a fundraising event to gather money for the relief effort. While this effort began following Harvey, the fundraising should benefit victims of Irma as well. Since the donation goes to the American Red Cross, who provide relief following all sorts of disasters, both states benefit. We at UPF raised over $1,700 due to a matching system implemented by HR. The company matched what employs donated, and then sent the combined sum to the Red Cross. Thank you employees! We also thank all of our customers affected by the storm, as even in the midst of disaster they work to keep their communities safe. Luckily, our location in Florida was not hit as badly as some areas.  With hurricane Maria currently hitting areas of the Caribbean and Dominican Republic, we hope these areas manage to weather the storm.

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