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UPF’s offers our latest innovation in our Tanknology™ tag that is delivered with each Poly-Tank® III.

UPF Technology Tag

UPF’s Tanknology™ tag is one-of-a-kind. Most noteworthy, the tag provides the fire department with useful information such as tank capacity, fill rate, and manufacturer truck number from a convenient location on their pump panel.

Furthermore, our R&D committee continues to research new technology to enhance the UPF product line. Also, this committee is an active part of the plastic industry, focusing on design software updates, the latest manufacturing equipment, and researching new product ideas. In addition, UPF Engineers use the latest CAD software as well as a custom tank design software that improves the design of the tank.  In addition it improves the efficiency of the design and manufacturing process.

UPF continues to invest over one million dollars in state-of-the-art equipment which improves product quality and keeps UPF competitive in the market place. Several examples are as follows:

CNC Router: We currently have six Thermwood router tables in three plants across the country. These router tables allow UPF to reduce setup time and improve our assembly process.

Butt Welder: The butt-welding fusion machine has made significant improvements in the quality and reliability of our product. We currently have four units with lengths of welding up to 13 feet which include 90˚ weld capability.

Test Scale: Each of our five test labs have pivoting scales, which certifies each tank for capacity and weight accuracy.

UPF Extrusion Welding

Extrusion Welders: UPF collaborates with our suppliers to refine the welding process using extrusion equipment. UPF continues to invest heavily in research and development, in the interest to improve our welding equipment and process capability.