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Green Initiatives

custom truck bodies
UPF’s Green Initiative

  • Custom truck bodies made from polypropylene that will never rust or corrode. Increases the the life of the vehicle which  will also save you money

  • Combining freight loads for multiple customers, reduces the number of trucks needed to deliver product which increases fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.
  • We reclaim cut material in our factories and weld together to form additional sheets, significantly reducing unnecessary waste.
  • Regrinding material then send back to the supplier and they recycle for future use.
  • Nest product designs to ensure that scrap is at a minimum.
  • We digitize most job packages, and recycle paper job packages.
  • A new eco design enhances pump performance and efficiency by improving tank suction.
  • Water and foam waste is kept to a minimum by using color coded tank fill towers, greatly reducing fill mistakes and spillage. UPF also recycles test tank water, eliminating unnecessary waste.
  • To avoid wasted electricity, UPF factories exclusively use high efficiency lighting, while our office lights are on motion timers.

Environmentally responsible businesses are efficient businesses. Going green can help protect your bottom line while helping mother nature by reducing carbon emissions, preserving forests and biodiversity, and keep our air and water clean.