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Tanker Tank Options

Tanker Tank Options

UPF has many tanker tank options including hosebeds and compartments.  Want to replace a rusted steel tanker tank?  Call UPF for a replacement! 978-975-4520

Standard Features  Tanker Tank

Fill Tower
Sump with drain
Vent Overflow pipe 6″
Tank Fill up to 3″ NPT
Tank Suction up to 4″ NPT
Front or Rear Notch
Internal Tank Mounting Blocks and Kits 6 Bolt
Standard Features Foam Tank
Fill tower with removable hinged cover
Anti-Foaming fill stack and removable screen
Vent fitting up to 3″ NPT
Suction fitting up to 4″ NPT
Foam Tank Optional Features
Vent 2″ Gitts pressure vaccum vent for foam cells
Foam tower expansion dome
Drill & Tapping for level meters (Foam)
Fill, Sub-surface/ return line
Tower Bolt on Flange option
Optional Features 
Drain, Additional
Suction, additional
Sump, additional
Liquid Level Sight gauge
Drill & Tapping for level meters (Water)
Drill & Tapping Misc.
Diffuser, perforated pipe w/cap
Vent, Auxiliary from rear of tank to fill tower (1″ ID)
Vent Overflow pipe 8″
Man way, removable
Cover, Access Cut out 8″ x 6″
Material Thickness upgrades
Dump Features
Dump Distribution Box (requires Dump Flanges)
Sump, additional for dump
Dump Flange Block 4″
Dump Flange Block 5″
Dump Flange Block 6″
Dump Flange Block 8″
Dump Flange Block 10″ – Knock-out
Dump Flange Block 10″
Dump Flange Block 12″
Dump Flange Block 16″
Dump Flange Backer plate
Dump flange block off plate
Dump Flange extension
Fill Tower Features 
Fill tower, additional (no vent)
Fill tower, anti-surge
Fill tower, additional (4″vent)
Fill tower, additional (6″ vent)
Fill Features 
Fill, additional (up to 3″)
Fill, additional with diverter
Fill, Flanged fast fill with defuser pipe
Fill, threaded fast fill up to 4″ with defuser pipe
Fill, victaulic fast fill up to 4″ with defuser pipe
Fill, Flanged for Firemans Friend
Jet Line
Jet line piping ( 1 1/2″ inlet -1″ nozzle)
Jet line piping 2″
Mounting Features
Mounting/tank hold-down block
Mounting/tank hold-down kit (bracket and bolts)
Mounting block, miscellaneous
Insert/Helicoil Installed
Notch Feature
Notch Minimum up to 10 Ft^3
Notch Custom over 10Ft^3
Sleeve, special pass-through up to 6″ ID (minimum 5 ft charged)
Sleeve, special pass-through 8″ ID (minimum 5 ft charged)
Sleeve, special pass-through 10″ ID (minimum 5 ft charged)
Sleeve through a foam cell (in addition to sleeve charge)
Angled Sleeve
Race Way
Wire Race way 3/4″ OD
Wire Race way 1/2 OD
Conduit Basic
Conduit Complex
Tunnel Features 
Tunnels, through tank per cubic feet
Tunnel insert (basic)
Tunnel insert (complex)
Light Box 
Light Box, full with of Tank
Light Box Set, 2 boxes
Hosebed Features 
Hosebed, grooved
Hosebed, grooved Removable
Hosebed Wall, Extended sidewall
Hosebed Wall, Radius up to 10″
Hosebed Wall, Pipe up to 12″
Hosebed Wall, Inverted “J” up to 15″
Hosebed Wall, Double wall up to 20″
Machined Poly Walkway
Hosebed Divider Features
Hosebed Divider Radius up to 10″
Hosebed Divider Pipe up to 12″
Hosebed Divider Inverted “J” up to 15″
Hosebed Divider Double wall up to 20″
Compartments and Body Parts
Fenderwell, Single Axle
Fenderwell,Tandem Axle
Compartment up to 36″ long
Compartment up to 50″ long
Compartment up to 51-70″ long
Prep for Roll-Up Doors
Door Single w/ Hardware
Door Double w/ Hardware