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Our commitment to our customers does not end after the poly water tanks are delivered.

At UPF, we also believe in backing up our word. Therefore, when you buy quality poly water tanks, you deserve quality. In addition, that’s why our service and warranty are the most comprehensive in the industry. Hence, in the event that service needs should arise, we have dedicated, factory-trained, field service technicians available, with the ability to perform most services at your location, minimizing downtime.  Most noteworthy, UPF’s 30 years in the industry proves that our poly water tanks last a lifetime.

poly water tanks

Department and Contact Information:

Main Phone: 800-638-8265 or 978-975-4520 Email: Info@unitedplastic.com

Technical support, flow/plumbing/surge/ and installation questions Email: Mmagoon@unitedplastic.com

Spare parts, replacement parts Email: Edoherty@unitedplastic.com

Field Service/Warranty work Phone number: 1-800-638-8265  or Email: Warranty-MA@unitedplastic.com

Finally, please provide the Field Service/Warranty department with the following information:

  • OEM
  • OEM shop or build number
  • Tank serial number
  • Fire Dept.
  • Contact # and email
  • Leak location

Alternatively, you can enter your information into the form below to send us an automated overview of your problem.

To submit a warranty claim for a tank repair, please help us out by supplying the following information. Details regarding the location of the leak on the tank, and the tank serial number, are especially important. Please bear in mind that due to the unfortunate amount of repairs lately, time to schedule a repair is currently estimated at three weeks. Thank you for your patience, we're happy to help you as best we can!


Details of Leak

Tank Serial Number:

OEM & Shop/Build Number (optional)

Plate Number

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)




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