Elliptical Tanks to Butte County Fire Department from Danko


Danko Elliptical Tanks Front View

Three New Elliptical Tanks for Butte County

Danko Emergency Equipment delivered three side-mount PTO elliptical tankers to Butte County Fire Department, Oroville, CA.  Danko has a long history as a trusted name going back to 1974, and work out of Snyder, NE. These tankers each have a 3000 gallon UPF Ellip-T™ elliptical tank. With this purchase, Butte county receives a large boost to their fleet. These elliptical tanks carry the benefits of all UPF PolyGen tanks. Much like our tow bodies and other custom-built water tanks, these elliptical units never rust! They also include the increased durability and resilience that makes our tanks so appealing. Like always, the lightweight material makes these a far better option than the standard steel tanks!

Danko Elliptical Tanks rear view



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